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Eleanor Roosevelt and the United Nations Around the World with the Roosevelts
Online Exhibit:
Eleanor Roosevelt and the United Nations
Online Exhibit:
Around the World with the Roosevelts
The Lend-Lease Program The Lend-Lease Program: How Roosevelt steered US support for Allied defense during World War II 
FDR's Four Presidential InaugurationsFour Presidential Inaugurations: Gallery of historic materials related to FDR's unprecedented four inaugurations as US President 
The Roosevelts - An Intimate HistoryThe Roosevelts - An Intimate History: New seven-part documentary by Ken Burns aired on PBS in September of 2014  Rare Footage - FDR addresses NIHRare Footage: Roosevelt addresses crowds at National Institute of Health, October 31, 1940
FDR in ColorFDR in Color: Leon A. Perskie and the story of the President's 1944 campaign portrait FDR's BirthdayFDR's Birthday:  How Roosevelt marked each January 30th by honoring friends and raising funds for the fight against polio
D-DayA "Mighty Endeavor:" D-Day: 70th Anniversary of the Normandy invasion 
Eleanor Roosevelt and the Tuskegee AirmenEleanor Roosevelt and the Tuskegee Airmen: How the First Lady supported the groundbreaking African American flying unit  
Fred Shipman, Monuments ManFred Shipman, Monuments Man: The first Director of the FDR Library helped recover and preserve threatened archives of Europe during WWII
FDR: From Budget Balancer to KeynesianFDR: From Budget Balancer to Keynesian: A president's evolving approach to fiscal policy in times of crisis
FDR and PolioFDR and Polio: Roosevelt was the first U.S. president to serve with a significant physical disability Margaret "Daisy" SuckleyMargaret "Daisy" Suckley: The life of FDR's close friend, confidante, and archivist at the FDR Presidential Library
White House Map RoomWhite House Map Room: Learn about FDR's top secret war communications center  1939 Royal Visit1939 Royal Visit: British monarchs King George VI and Queen Elizabeth traveled to the US just prior to the outbreak of World War II
Marian AndersonEleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson: The historic 1939 Lincoln Memorial concert Frances PerkinsFrances Perkins: FDR's Secretary of Labor, and the first woman ever appointed to a presidential cabinet
New Deal in ActionThe New Deal in Action: Listings of New Deal public works projects across the nation  Veterans of WWIIOnline Veterans Gallery: Faces of the men and women who served the Allied Forces during World War II 

Attacks on Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona under attack at Pearl Harbor
Fire aboard the USS Arizona, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. December 7, 1941.
Day by Day timeline
For more on the events of December 1941, including historical documents and photographs, see Franklin D. Roosevelt Day by Day.

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1941 Dedication1941 FDR Library Dedication: The story of Franklin D. Roosevelt's original dedication of the Library as "an act of faith"Presidential Library One Definite LocalityOne Definite Locality: A brief history of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum
2013 Rededication of the FDR Library Roosevelt Library Rededication: A New Deal for a New Generation 1940 Census1940 Census Free and Online: In 2012 the National Archives released census data after the mandatory 72 year waiting period

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