Bibliography: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

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Author Title

Asbell, Bernard, ed.

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Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Eleanor Roosevelt

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v. 1. 1884-1933.            

v. 2. 1933-1938.

Curtis, Sandra R.

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Glendon, Mary Ann

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The Candles She Lit: The Legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt. 



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Klein, Jonas

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Roosevelt, Eleanor

The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt.

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If You Ask Me.

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It Seems to Me.

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On My Own.

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This I Remember.

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This Is My Story.

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Roosevelt, Elliott

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An Untold Story; the Roosevelts of Hyde Park

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Swift, Will

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Taylor, Keith M.

American Adventure: The 1959 Journal of a Roosevelt Scholar.

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U.S. Congress. House.

Memorial Addresses in the House of Representatives, Together with Tributes on the Life and Ideals of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.  

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