Eleanor Roosevelt and Cecil Peterson Special Topics

Controversial issues, topical document selections, and special online presentations featuring materials from the FDR Library’s
archival collections.

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Controversial Issues:

Concise historical information and selected digitized documents from the FDR Library’s collections presenting the many sides of these difficult issues.


MapFDR and the Holocaust

FDR and Japanese Internment

FDR and Pearl Harbor

Dictatorship: The Road Not Taken

FDR’s First 100 Days: Did it Work?


Left: J. Edgar Hoover to Edwin M. Watson, December 10, 1941. This map, included with a December 10, 1941 letter, shows the locations of the 1,212 Japanese aliens considered to be disloyal or dangerous that were arrested by the Bureau within 48 hours of the attack on Pearl Harbor. From the President’s Official File 10-B: Justice Department; FBI Reports, 1941; Box 15. Click here for selected archival material related to FDR and Japanese Internment.





Day of Infamy

Topical Document Selections:


Digitized documents on popular and fun topics selected
from the FDR Library’s collections


FDR's Greatest Hits

FDR's First 100 Days

FDR and World War II

The Tuskegee Airmen

Presidents and Baseball


Right: Draft of December 8, 1941 Message to Congress. President Roosevelt was having lunch in his White House study on December 7, 1941 when he received word of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and other Pacific installations. A few hours later, the President dictated a short address to be delivered to a Joint Session of Congress the following day. His handwritten revisions—visible in this December 7 draft of the speech—made the "Day of Infamy" speech one of the most memorable in American history. From the President’s Master Speech File. Click here for selected archival material related to FDR and World War II.




Special Presentations:

Featured stories with documents, images, and other information from the FDR Library



Birthday Ball program

2011 Women's History Month Feature: Frances Perkins

FDR on Federal Government Employee Unions

FDR's Birthday

FDR and the Four Freedoms Speech 

2010 African American History Month
Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

1944 State of the Union
FDR's Visits to Hyde Park During His Presidency

Birthday Balls: FDR and the March of Dimes

Eleanor Roosevelt and the Tuskegee Airmen

FDR and Dutchess County Stone Buildings

Thanksgiving 1939: The Year We Had Two Thanksgivings

Strengthening Ties: The British Royal Visit

Eleanor & Harry: Mrs. Roosevelt's Correspondence with Harry S. Truman


Left: Program for the first Birthday Ball Dinner held on January 30, 1934 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Click here to learn more about Birthday Balls and the March of Dimes.