July 20th, 1944


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FDR accompanied by Col. James Roosevelt, Adm. Davis, William D. Leahy, Ross T. McIntire, Wilson Brown, Gen. Edwin M. Watson, Capt. Wood, Lt. Comdr's. Bruenn and Fox, Lt's. Myers and Rigdon, dep. the Marine Corps Base by automobile for a visit to the Amphibious Training Base at Oceanside, CA, approximately fourty miles north of San Diego, CA. Here FDR and his party witnessed a practice amphibious landing exercise conducted by the Fifth marine Div. and Navy-manned amphibious craft. Approximately 5,000 marines and 3,000 naval personnel were employed in this pracice invasion, which was the "graduation test" for ther Fifth Marine Div. and culminated three months of very intensive amphibious training for them. Maj. Gen. Price was also present. Adm. Wilson Brown was particularly interested as all of the amphibious training activities in the area were started while he was Commander Amphibious Force, Pacific.

Note: FDR's vantage point for viewing this colossal exercise was atop a high bluff overlooking miles of beach. Because of low visability air coverage was cancelled.

San Diego, CA



dep. Los Flores Canyon to return to San Diego, CA. Enroute FDR motored through the Navy section of the Amphibious Training Base at Oceanside, CA, pausing at several points to observe equipment. Adm. Davis dep. our party here and we then proceeded on to the Marine Corps Base.

Oceanside, CA



Arrived back at train. FDR had planned to have lunch with Mrs. John Roosevelt at her home in Coronado, CA. However, he cancelled this engagement, had lunch on the train and spent the afternoon in his private car resting and listening to the Democratic Convention news as it was broadcast over the radio.

Note: During the afternoon FDR received a telegram from Sen. Jackson, Convention Chairman, informing him officially of his renomination as Dem. nominee for Pres.

San Diego, CA



(dinner) FDR entertained Col. and Mrs. James Roosevelt and Mrs. John Roosevelt in his private car this evening. After dinner FDR and his party moved back to an observation car which had been added to the train immediately to the rear of his private car. Here they were later joined by Elmer Davis, Judge Samuel I. Rosenman, Adm. William D. Leahy, Adm. Ross T. McIntire, Adm. Wilson Brown, Gen. Edwin M. Watson, Capt. Wood and Lt. Comdr. Bruenn.

San Diego, CA



Speaking from the observation car, FDR commenced the broadcast of his speech by which he officially accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party as their candidate for the office of President of the US. His address was completed at 2035. He afterwards re-read some of the highlights of the address for the benefit of the newsreel cameramen.

San Diego, CA



On West Coast with FDR


USH = White House Usher's Diary, STE = Stenographer's Diary, PC = Press Conference, TU = Tully's Appointment Diary

These transcripts are based on archival sources documenting President Roosevelt's daily activities, including the White House Usher's Log and the White House Stenographer's Diary. The transcripts were created for reference purposes. Because errors can occur in data entry, we encourage you to review and cite to the original sources displayed below.


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