Ideas for Research and Project Topics

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You have been assigned to do a research paper about some person or event from the Roosevelt era. Your teacher may have given you a topic, or he or she may have asked you to come up with one of your own choosing. The following list will provide you with a wide variety of broad topic ideas.

Once you have selected a topic, you can Contact the Education Specialist at the Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum's Education Department for primary source information about these topics.

Franklin Roosevelt

  • FDR aboard the Nhourmal, sailing to Campobello in 1933.As a boy
  • As tree farmer
  • As Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  • As the Governor
  • As the President
  • His collections: books, ships, stamps
  • His challenges with polio
  • His campaigns
  • His four terms
  • His management style
  • His legacy
  • His speeches
  • The Presidential Library System

Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Eleanor Roosevelt visiting the Cold Spring Institute for Gerontology, Cold Spring, New York.As a girl
  • As a young woman
  • As First Lady of the United States
  • As 'First Lady of the World'
  • Her work with the Red Cross
  • Her work with the United Nations
  • Her work on civil rights
  • Her work on women's issues
  • Her home at Val-Kill
  • Her travels
  • Her My Day column
  • Her books
  • Her legacy

The Great Depression

  • TMigrant family on the road during the Great Depressionhe Banking Crisis
  • The Dust Bowl
  • The New Deal Programs
  • Social Security
  • CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps
  • TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority
  • AAA - Agricultural Adjustment Act
  • NRA - National Recovery Administration
  • FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • WPA - Works Project Administration
  • FSA - Farm Security Administration
  • Fireside chats
  • Judicial Reorganization Plan (Court Packing Plan)

World War II

  • Sunday services aboard the British battleship, Prince of Wales. FDR and Winston Churchill sign the Atlantic Charter aboard this trip in 1941.Pearl Harbor
  • Japanese American internment
  • Lend-Lease
  • The Four Freedoms
  • Wartime Conferences
  • FDR and Churchill
  • The Rise of Hitler
  • The Manhattan Project
  • D-Day
  • The Tuskegee Airmen
  • The Home Front
  • Propaganda Posters
  • The United Nations.