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"The most priceless assets are the young men and women of America - the raw material out of which the United States must shape its future."

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt, October 13, 1936


Information About the Roosevelts

BiographiesBiographies and More
Read about the lives and careers of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Find fast facts, chronologies, and even read about the life and adventures of Fala, the Roosevelt'sEleanor Roosevelt meets children in Israel, 1955
very special dog.


music illustrationThe Roosevelt Rap
Learning this rap is one of the coolest ways to remember the story of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Get the lyrics and then link to YouTube to watch the video. This page includes a list of questions to test your knowledge after learning the rap, and you can also find out exactly which documents and photographs from the Archives were used in the Rap video production.

Facts and FiguresRoosevelt Facts and Figures
Answers to many of the frequently asked questions about the life and times of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.
documents illustrationDocument of the Month 
One document selected from the Roosevelt Library Archives to highlight a special moment in history. Check back each month!  
activities illustrationRoosevelt Fun and Facts 
Creative and fun activities to learn and test your knowledge about presidential history.
FDR illustrationRoosevelt Pictures
Historical photographs of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Fala the dog, the Great Depression and World War II. These are selections from the FDR Library Archives.

Day by Day Franklin D. Roosevelt Day by Day
This is an interactive chronology showing Franklin Roosevelt’s daily schedules as President.  With Day by Day you can search for information about FDR's activities from March 1933 to April 1945. You can also follow along the timeline to find historical documents and photographs related to a particular month in history. These schedules, documents, and photographs come from the Archives of the FDR Library.



Doing Research Projects

archival box illustrationIdeas for Research and Project Topics
Find a wide variety of broad topic ideas that you can narrow and refine then take to your teacher for approval as a term paper or project topic. Once you've talked to your teacher, Contact the Education Specialist about finding primary source information for your research.   


research binder illustrationThe FDR Library Research Guide
This document is designed to be a brief guide to help you organize yourself and your thoughts as you begin to plan and perform a research assignment. Topics include: the nature of research, clarifying your task, actually getting started, developing critical thinking skills, and using primary sources.


books illustrationBibliographies and More Resources â€” Reading About the Roosevelts 
Compiled by the Roosevelt Presidential Library's Archives and Education Departments to serve as a starting point for those interested in learning more about two of the most influential figures of the Twentieth Century.


National History Day logoNational History Day
National History Day culminates in a national contest each June after a series of competitions held first at the school, regional, and then state levels. In addition to making history fun to learn and teach, National History Day requires students to support their projects with multiple primary sources and is designed to help students acquire important research and critical thinking skills.


Even More Resources!

Periodic TablePeriodic Table of the New Deal
The table presents major programs, players and events surrounding the New Deal and includes brief definitions or descriptions. It provides a visual depiction of the complexity and scope of these events, a way introduce students to specific players and events, and a comprehensive list of selections for further in-depth investigation.


Chart the lives and careers of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt or use the interactive online timeline to find primary source documents marking the path of every 20th century American President. 


Events CalendarUpcoming Events and Programs
Find out what exciting events are coming up at the FDR Presidential Library and Museum.



Search Our Collections : Connect with the archival materials at the FDR Presidential Library, learn about our research services, or Ask the Archivist a research question.

More Online Resources : Find bibliographies, chronologies, Roosevelt genealogy, suggestions for primary source research, how to plan a research visit, and more.