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August 27, 2012

The demolition and abatement work is finally completely done in the Library. So instead of tearing down we are finally starting to actually build our new infrastructure. Magnificent new air handlers and duct work are going in everywhere in some cases replacing equipment that has been in place since the building opened in 1941. The slate roof is completely new and the flat roof and chimney work is almost complete. The stone on the building has been repointed where necessary and the masons are starting to build the new courtyard stone walks. Electrical rough in is going on in every area of the building and walls are going up in the exhibition areas. The courtyard is being painted and new windows are being installed in every area of the building. It is hard to believe in just six months our building will be ready for a brand new permanent museum exhibit to be installed.

The Library is on schedule to open the new permanent exhibition in the summer of 2013.

February 1, 2012

The first phase of the renovation -- completed in December 2011 -- included new slate roofing, drainage, and plumbing systems, as well as new electrical, security and fire protection systems and adaptations for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Phase 2 involves restoration of the historic exterior including masonry walls, sheet metal roofing, windows and doors as well as increasing the exhibition space allowing for more of the collection at the Library to be visible by the public. All work is being managed in and around the occupied building ensuring that visitors are still able to access the collections and tour the site.

Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction Management of Pleasant Valley, New York is the contractor for Phase 2 and EYP Architecture & Engineering is the architect.

The Library is on schedule to open the new permanent exhibition in the summer of 2013.

October 11, 2011 

Phase 1 construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2011. The book stacks and mezzanine are complete. The research room is finished complete with a new sound booth and for the first time in Library history a rest room for researchers. New furniture has been installed in the archives office suite and in the processing rooms. The slate roof on the north wing is complete. Our old cooling towers have been demolished. The new boilers in the Visitor Center are operational. Construction trailers are being removed from the site and the front lawn will be temporarily restored awaiting the arrival of our Phase 2 contractor.

August 19, 2011 

We are getting closer to the finish line for Phase 1 renovation. In the Library attic bathrooms are almost complete; carpet and paint are done; beautiful paneled doors have been installed and furniture is scheduled to be delivered in mid-September. The historic shelving that had been removed at the beginning of Phase 1 is being reinstalled.

The new chillers and cooling towers are going through testing and we hope to be totally on the new system next week. The new security and fire alarm systems are installed and work continues to make the necessary connections. The new underground electrical vault is complete and three nights of electrical shutdowns were successful in getting everything hooked up to the new systems.

The site crews have been busy filling in the holes in the back of the library and leveling out the ground. While the back is looking so much better the digging crews have moved to the front of the building to finish the last remaining storm piping and underground storm work. The new Library loading dock is well underway. The stone masons have done a beautiful job in matching the existing stone and grout on the Library building to the new stone work at the loading dock.

June 1, 2011

Work is progressing both inside and outside the Library.  A completely new loading dock is being constructed. The storm drains are progressing – dig crews have come around to the front of the Library. They are pouring the new electrical conduit duct bank between the pull box and the new underground electrical vault. We are also digging the trench between the Visitor Center and the Library for new 4” conduits for telecommunication lines. The new cooling towers are scheduled to be operational on June 2. Workmen are installing the new dormer windows and a crew is repairing and repainting the historic sheep fence.

Inside, in the attic, the plasterers are doing their work throughout the attic. The south attic has been painted, new lights are installed and the new carpet is down. Sprinkler work is continuing in the mezzanine and book stacks.

March 28, 2011

The Library attic is the center of indoor activity. Walls are going up, a new sprinkler system is almost in place, and new bathrooms are taking shape. In the new mechanical rooms air handler units are being assembled. Work is also being done in the Library basement as an elevator mechanical room is relocated to make room for a new staircase.

Outside the Library work continues in several areas. The current loading dock has been demolished and new footings and walls are being constructed. The front of the Visitor Center remains dug up as the new cooling towers are connected to the Visitor Center then over to the Library. The concrete has been poured for the underground electrical vault. Excavation for the storm lines continues.

January 26, 2011

Despite the snow and frigid temperatures renovation work continues both inside and outside the Library. The front entrance of the Wallace Center is closed as underground pipes are put in place. Extensive site work is being done around the back of the Library to prepare for the underground electrical vault and the storm drain system.

Demolition and abatement has been finished in the attic of the Library. Selected abatement and demolition is also being done on the main floor and in the basement. Framing in the attic for archival office space and new bathrooms have been started. Sprinklers, plumbing and duct work has also been started in the attic. Slate has been delivered and the roof replacement has begun

November 15, 2010

Work on the Library renovation is in full swing. New cooling towers are being constructed at the west side of the parking. New boilers and chillers have been started in the Visitor Center which will eventually serve the Library. The shelving contractor has been on site to remove and label historic shelving from the book stacks and mezzanine. These shelves will be reassembled and put back after mechanical work is done. The entire attic of the Library has been turned over to the abatement and demolition contractor. All of the attic shelving has been removed and the walls are literally coming down.

In the past month Library staff focused on moving staff offices, research room operations, and the remaining collections to their temporary quarters in the Henry A. Wallace Visitor Center for the duration of the Library Renovation. This phase primarily took place in October 2010 and was completed on November 2, 2010. The archives staff moved its offices to the Wallace Center during the week of October 18. The relocation of the Library's research room and archival collections took place during the week of October 25 and was completed on November 2, 2010. The archival collections are now stored in three storage rooms in the lower level of the Visitor Center. The research room is now fully functional and is operating from the Dyson Conference room on the Visitor Center's main level. The research room remained fully operational and accessible to the public throughout the relocation process.

October 4, 2010


Kirchhoff-Consigli submittals and shop drawings are in progress. Up to this point most of our renovation has taken place in the basement of the Wallace Center as we prepare 3 large storerooms to accommodate our archival materials. New condenser units, fire protection, humidifiers, and leak detection cable have been installed. Shelving is on site and will be installed starting on October 4. The contractor is scheduled to turn over the spaces on the lower level of the Wallace Center on October 19. An RFP was issued by Jacobs to move the archival materials from the Library to the Wallace Center.

Archival staff will move to their new office space in the Wallace Center the week of October 18 and we plan to move the archival materials the week of October 25. The Dyson Conference Room should open as the new Research Room on November 1.

During the quarter the contractor also installed electrical floor boxes in the Library’s research room and completed several small projects in the Library’s temporary exhibit gallery.

Three statues located around the Library were moved during the week of September 20. The busts of FDR and Winston Churchill in front of BreakFree and the FDR bust in front of the Library moved to temporary concrete pads located east of the pedestrian pathway close to the sheep fence. This will protect the statues from extensive digging that will take place at their original locations.

The construction of a new underground electrical vault at the back of the Library has been held up due to a variety of underground utilities that were not previously identified in the plans. Gas lines are scheduled to be relocated on October 16 to make room for the new vault.


EYP continues to move closer to 100% design documents for Phase 2 of the Library renovation. We expect the solicitation for Phase 2 will be Winter 2010-2011 and the award sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2011.

August 6, 2010

The seventh and last truckload of archival materials is safely in Texas. The NARA warehouse in Lewisville, Texas will be home to our materials during the Library renovation.

Work is progressing in the Visitor Center’s storerooms. Firestop has been applied and the duct wrap application is continuing. New door frames have been installed.

Outside the Library test pits have been dug to determine underground utilities before the extensive site work is started.

July 6, 2010

Work is progressing on the renovation of Visitor Center storage rooms to accommodate archival collections.  For the next two weeks workmen will be in the temporary exhibit gallery taking advantage of a two week period before the new temporary exhibit gets installed.  Electricians will drill holes in the ceiling of the temporary exhibit gallery to install floor outlets in the Research Room and a new firewall is being constructed.  Site work is scheduled to begin this week. 

Six truckloads of archival materials have been relocated to the warehouse in Texas.

June 21, 2010

KCCM will start constructing the partition walls for the new Chiller Room 16A, and Storage Room 18 in the Wallace Visitor Center on Friday.  Storerooms in the Wallace Center are being retrofitted to house the vast majority of our archival materials during the renovation of the Library.

Three truckloads of archival materials have been relocated to the warehouse in Texas and work continues on assembling more pallets for transport.

June 14, 2010

Work continues on setting up the staging area for our construction project. An office trailer and storage trailer have been located inside a large fenced area on the Library’s front lawn. 

The first truck of archival materials left this morning for Lewisville, Texas where they will be stored during the renovation. Truck #2 leaves tomorrow and the Archives staff and the moving team start assembling more pallets for next week’s pickup.

June 7, 2010

We look forward to a busy week as our general contractor gets ready to set up their staging area on our front lawn. The area will be marked for any underground utilities and a fence will be installed on Thursday. On Friday, June 11 office and storage trailers will arrive.

Inside the Library the packers arrive on Tuesday to start assembling pallets of materials to be sent to offsite storage. Look for new pictures next week.

June 1, 2010

Renovation of the Roosevelt Library began on May 27, 2010 as Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction Management, LLC (KCCM), Pleasant Valley, NY was given the notice to proceed. KCCM has been awarded the construction contract for the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum Renovation Phase 1. We look forward to working with our contractor and anticipate success on this most important project for the National Archives and Records Administration.

The project is being designed by the architectural firm of EYP Architecture & Engineering of Albany, With the exception of two wings added in 1972 in honor of Mrs. Roosevelt, it is the first overhaul of the Roosevelt Library since it was completed in 1941. The new work will carefully preserve the building's historic appearance, while bringing its archives and museum up to the National Archives's standards for the long-term preservation of historic collections. We have 35,000 museum objects and 20 million pages of documents in our collections.  New drainage, plumbing, and roofing systems and new electrical, security, fire protection and other systems will address longstanding facility problems. Museum visitors and researchers will enjoy improved amenities, including, for the first time, full accessibility for people in wheelchairs. The project will be done in two phases and is expected to run for three years with a budget of $35 million in federal funding.