About the Museum

Special interactives, immersive audiovisual theaters, and rarely seen artifacts convey the dramatic story of the Roosevelt era as the Roosevelt Library brings a “New Deal to a New Generation.”

The Library's new permanent exhibits tell the story of the Roosevelt presidency beginning in the depths of the Great Depression and continuing through the New Deal and World War II with an emphasis on both Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s relationship with the American people.   


Museum History

Museum visitors in 1941

When he planned his presidential library, FDR took care to include space for a Museum to display his many personal treasures. An avid collector, the President had spent a lifetime gathering extensive collections ranging from stamps, coins, and rare books to Hudson River Valley art, naval prints, and ship models.

When the FDR Museum opened on June 30, 1941, it featured elaborate displays of these collections and the many gifts the Roosevelts had received from governments and individuals.

When the permanent galleries reopen on June 30, 2013, there will be extensive galleries where visitors can experience the lives of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the dramatic events of the Great Depression and World War II. For more detailed information about the creation of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, please see One Definite Locality: A History of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum.