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Marjorie H. MonroeMarjorie H. Monroe

Museum Greeter

"It is an honor and I enjoy working as a Greeter at the FDR Library and Museum as it gives me the opportunity to meet many interesting people worldwide. All of the staff are friendly and there is a pleasant atmosphere to work around.

It is my privilege to share the following story of meeting Eleanor Roosevelt. My story is as follows:

As a 14 year old and vibrant young lady, I was happiest while riding my bicycle. On this particular day in the year 1945 I was bicycle riding on a trail at a local park (Norrie State Park), when suddenly riding around a sharp turn, I saw a woman walking a dog, almost running her down. I told her I was so sorry and soon discovered it was Eleanor Roosevelt. She told me in a most humble tone, "that's alright dear and what is your name?" I told her my name and that it was an honor meeting her. She said she was walking Fala for his daily exercise. At that point I couldn't resist kneeling down to pet Fala remarking what a cute dog he was."