In the Media

The following list of links is a selection of online articles, exhibition reviews, staff interviews, and general news related to Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. This is not meant to be a complete listing.

Exhibition Articles and Reviews

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Staff Interviews

Kabel, Bill (interview of Herman Eberhardt). "FDR and the Sea." SundayArts Choice on Thirteen ( 2010.

Smith, Stephen (interview of Cynthia Koch). Episode 14: "Bridge to Somewhere" Debrief. American RadioWorks. June 19, 2009.

Garfunkel, Richard (Interview of Cynthia Koch). "The Birth of Presidential Libraries." WVOX: The Advocates. February 18, 2009.

Adler, Margot (Interview of Herman Eberhardt). "Taking Lessons From FDR's First 100 Days." National Public Radio: All Things Considered. January 19, 2009.


About the FDR Presidential Library

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