Welcome to “Day by Day” — your source for information on President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s daily activities 1933-1945. Using a chronology originally compiled by documentary filmmaker Pare Lorentz, this interactive timeline features historical appointment calendars, documents, photographs, audio and film from the Roosevelt Library.

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The Pare Lorentz Center

Founded in 1993 by Mrs. Elizabeth Meyer Lorentz, the Pare Lorentz Center's mission is to apply the audiovisual techniques pioneered by Pare Lorentz to teach history and social studies, and to perpetuate Lorentz's use of the documentary format in inspiring social and political messages. Located at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, the center is funded through a generous grant from the New York Community Trust to the Roosevelt Institute. Pare Lorentz created groundbreaking documentary films--a powerful synthesis of stunning imagery, poetic narration, and evocative music--for New Deal agencies of the Roosevelt Administration: the Resettlement Administration (RA), the Farm Service Administration (FSA), and The U.S. Film Service. His work has inspired generations of documentary film makers.

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