About the Franklin D. Roosevelt Day by Day Project

The Franklin D. Roosevelt “Day by Day” Project is an interactive chronology documenting Franklin Roosevelt’s daily schedule as President, from March 1933 to April 1945. The project was inspired by the work of Pare Lorentz, a Depression era documentary filmmaker, who dedicated much of his life to chronologically documenting FDR’s daily activities as president, and is supported by a grant from the New York Community Trust to the Pare Lorentz Center.

Featured here are digitized original calendars and schedules maintained by the White House Usher and the official White House stenographer. These calendars trace FDR’s appointments, travel schedule, social events, guests, and more. A searchable database comprised primarily of these calendar sources is available so you can search the chronology by keyword and date.

As a fulfillment of Pare Lorentz’s original vision, ‘Day by Day” also includes an interactive timeline of additional material from the Archives of the FDR Library to place each day’s calendar into larger historical context. Added on an ongoing basis, this additional material includes scanned photographs, letters and speeches as well as descriptions of events in U.S. and world history. Special thanks to former Roosevelt Library Directors Verne Newton and Lynn Bassanese whose vision and determination started the “Day by Day” Project and helped secure the funding for the Pare Lorentz Center to continue on.