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Roosevelt reads from a Dutch family bible before his 1933 inauguration.
Roosevelt reads from a Dutch family bible before his inauguration in 1933.

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At the heart of the Library's book collection is President Roosevelt's personal library of approximately 22,000 volumes. FDR began collecting books as a boy, and his personal library reflects his varied interests in the United States Navy, the Hudson Valley, literature, history, economics, politics, biography, and even mystery novels. To this unique collection, the Roosevelt Library has added and continues to add major works about Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the Roosevelt era. The result is a highly specialized research collection totaling over 50,000 volumes.

noticePlease note that the books at the Roosevelt Library are non-circulating, meaning they are available for use in the Library's research room only and cannot be borrowed through interlibrary loan.

If you have questions about the book collection or other research needs, please Contact the Archives.

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